Exchange Program

RISD provides opportunities for students to study a semester abroad at 75 participating institutions in 25 countries.

The experience of living and studying in a different country benefits and broadens a student’s global outlook. The academic and social experiences you will have while on exchange will be very different from the ones you are used to at RISD. Class regimens may be looser. You may have fewer contact hours with professors. You could find that you are expected to work more independently; there may be more of an emphasis on self-motivated study. It’s important to be ready to embrace such a change.

All the partner schools are taught in their native languages. Exchange does not include a language requirement, but it’s a good idea to have a base knowledge of the language spoken in the country where you’ll make exchange.

Other things to consider, of a more practical nature: Will you miss wintersession or not? Will the exchange include some of your summer months?   Meet with an academic advisor to make sure you are on track to get the credits you need. Most of the partners, being small technical schools, do not offer a liberal arts curriculum. Therefore, expect to acquire mainly studio credits while on exchange.

While on exchange, RISD students continue to pay tuition and fees directly to RISD, and the credits students earn while on exchange are considered RISD credits, not transfer credits.  RISD students will receive their regular financial aid award while they’re on exchange.

Following is a list of partner institutions, grouped by region and country:


Czech Republic                                                                                                                Academy of Arts, Arch, & Design  Apparel, Arch, Ceramics, FAV, Furn, Glass, GD, Illus, ID, J&M, Paint, Photo, Sculpt, Textiles                                                                                            

Denmark                                                                                                                                  Royal Danish Academy  Arch, Furn, Int Arch, ID, Paint, Sculpt, GD, FAV           

Denmarks Designskole  Apparel, Ceramics, Furniture, Glass, Graphic Design, ID, Textiles

England                                                                                                                                Chelsea College of Art & Design  Textiles, Fall only

Estonia                                                                                                                                Estonian Academy of the Arts  Apparel, Arch, Ceramics, Glass, GD, ID, Int Arch, J & M, Paint, Photo, Sculpt, Textiles

Finland                                                                                                                                     Aalto University  Apparel, FAV, Furn, GD, ID, Photo, Textiles, Ceramics, Glass, Illus, Arch

France                                                                                                                                        ESAG Pennighen  GD, Int Arch

ENSBA  Paint, Illus, Sculpt, Print, Photo                                                                           

ENSCI Les Ateliers  ID, Textiles                                                                                             

Strate Collège  ID only

Germany                                                                                                                 Fachhochschule Erfurt  Arch                                                                                          

Hochschule fur Technik, Stuttgart   Arch, Int Arch                                                               

Koln International School of Design  FAV, Furn, GD, ID                                           

Technische Univ Munchen  Arch                                                                                  

 Universitat der Kunste Berlin  Arch, GD, ID

Ireland                                                                                                                                 National College of Art and Design  Apparel, Arch, Ceramics, Glass, ID, Print, J&M, Paint, Sculpt, Textiles

Italy                                                                                                                                       Politecnico di Milano  Apparel, Furn, ID

The Netherlands                                                                                                                Design Academy Eindhoven  ID, Furn

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague  GD, Photo, Int Arch, Text, ID, FAV, Furn, Fine Arts

Utrecht School of the Arts  Illus (Fall semester only),  GD (Fall semester only), Apparel, Arch, FAV,  Photo, Sculpt

Scotland                                                                                                                               Edinburgh College of Art  FAV, ID, Illus, Paint, Photo, Sculpt, Text

Glasgow School of Art (fall semester only) ID, J & M, Paint, Photo, Print, Sculpt, Textiles, GD

Spain                                                                                                                                       Elisava Esola Superior de Disseny  Arch, FAV, Furn, GD, ID, Photo                        

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid  Arch

Sweden                                                                                                                                       HDK School of Design and Crafts Goteberg University  Ceramics, GD, ID, J & M, Textiles

Konstfack  Ceramics, Furn, Glass, GD, Illus, ID, Int Arch, Paint, Sculpt, Textiles

Switzerland                                                                                                                             Ecole Cantonale D’art de Lausanne  FAV, Furn, GD, ID, Photo

Haute Ecole d’Art Et de Design Genève  Apparel, Arch, Ceramics, GD, In Arch, ID, J&M, Paint, Photo, Sculpt

HGK Basel  GD

ZHdK (Zurcher Hochschule der Kunst)  FAV, GD, Illus, ID, Paint, Photo, Sculpt

South and Central America
Argentina                                                                                                                        Universidad Torcuato di Tella  Arch      

Chile                                                                                                                                            Universidad UNIACC  Apparel, Arch, FAV, GD, ID, Illus, Photo, Textiles

Ecuador                                                                                                                                Univerisidad Technologica Equinnoccial (UTE)  Apparel, Arch, Int Arch

Mexico                                                                                                                              University of Monterrey  Apparel, Arch, GD, Illus, ID, Int Arch, Paint, Photo, Print, Sculpt

Asia, Asia Pacific

Israel                                                                                                                                        Bezalel Academy of Art & Design  Apparel,  Arch, Ceramics, FAV, ID, J & M, Photo, GD

India                                                                                                                                       National Institute of Design  Ceramics, FAV, Furn, Glass, GD, ID, Textiles

China                                                                                                                                        Central Academy of Fine Art  Apparel, Arch, FAV, ID, J & M, Paint, Photo, Print, Sculpt

Japan                                                                                                                                         Kyoto Seika University  Illus, Manga, Arch, Print, Textiles, Paint, FAV

Korea                                                                                                                                          Ewha Womans University  Apparel, Ceramics, ID, Paint, Sculpt, Textiles, GD

Australia                                                                                                                                           Canberra School of Art (ANU)  Ceramics, FAV, Furn, Glass, J & M, Paint, Print, Sculpt, Textiles                                                                                                                                        

RMIT University  Arch, GD, Int Arch, Photo, Textiles                                                      

 Sydney College of the Arts  Ceramics, FAV, Glass, J & M, Paint, Print, Sculpt

New Zealand                                                                                                                       Victoria University of Wellington  Arch, Int Arch, ID

For semester date info, go to the Partner School Semester Dates page.  For info on domestic exchange programs through AICAD, please select “AICAD/Mobility”   from the drop-down menu. For language learning options, go to “Language Learning Resources” under “Scholarships and Resources.”


38 Responses to Exchange Program

  1. Bénédicte Dérobert says:

    I am studying Industrial Design at Strate College in France and I would like to apply to RISD for the fall semester 2013. However, I couldn’t find a list of the required documents to send. Do you have any information which could help me ?
    Thank you

    • risdoip says:

      All the required materials for an incoming exchange applicant can be found under “Incoming Exchange” which is in the drop-down menu from “Exchange Program.” Or this link should work.

  2. aaileenn says:

    NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, (Italy) is listed in one of the outgoing exchange programs, but I don’t see it listed on the incoming exchange programs. Does that mean students from NABA can’t join the exchange program at RISD?

  3. hildaruijs says:


    I am studying Industrial Design at the Techinical University of Delft in The Netherlands.
    Is there any possibility this university becoming a partner exchange institution in the future?
    I would love to be part of that in 2014-2015

    Yours sincerely,

  4. Katya says:

    Is exchange program available to graduate students? I am interested in graphic design at ewha woman’s university

  5. Alice Gallo Garcia de Llano says:

    I’m from Guadlajara, Mexico and i’m very interested in your university but i read that you only make exchanges with partner universities. I am now studying my third year of college on Universiad Panamericana and i’m wondering how you make you partnerships and if its posible to make one with my uni.

    waiting on an answer. thank you!

  6. Rikke says:

    Hi Linus,
    I am a student at the Royal Danish Academy, and I would love to go to RISD for a semester, so if you are interested, and still thinking about going to Denmark, maybe we can help eachother with questions etc.? -or at least, you are welcome if you have any for me! //Rikke

    • risdoip says:

      Thank you for your helpful response! And Rikke, please feel free to contact RISD’s Office of International Programs if you have questions about our application process and so forth.

  7. min says:

    Is exchange program available for undergraduate freshmen students?

    • risdoip says:

      You must be a junior or senior to participate in the exchange program at RISD. Therefore the earliest time to apply is as a second semester sophomore for first semester junior placement.

    • risdoip says:

      Exchange experiences take place junior and senior years – students require experience in their major.

  8. Danny says:

    I am a student interested in a potential exchange the National College of Art & Design in Dublin. What sort of tuition fees would I be expected to pay for the semester? Or would I pay the fees to my own home college?
    Thank you

    • risdoip says:

      As per NCAD and RISD exchange agreement, students pay their home tuitions while on exchange at partner schools. Fees are also paid to home schools in most circumstances. Some fees many be required at RISD, such as in photography courses.

  9. Naama says:

    I am a Graphic Design major in Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), Israel.
    I am very interested in applying for spring semester 2014 at RISD. According to the list above, HIT and RISD do not have an exchange program yet (however, another design school in Israel does). Since HIT actively accepts International Exchange students, I would like to know if it is possible to start such a process in this time frame?

    Thank you very much.

    • risdoip says:

      Thank you for your interest in RISD. As a student enrolled in HIT you are not eligible for exchange. Please review RISD Admissions if interested otherwise.

  10. Suvi says:

    I am studuing Environmental Art in Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, which is one of your exchange schools. My focus is on installation art and I was wondering if it is possible to enroll in one of your programs but still attend many different programs courses? Being from Environmental Art I would imagine to be interested in courses from Sculpture, Media or Landscape Architecture.

    • risdoip says:

      Glad to hear of your interest. RISD departments applicable to fine art installation at RISD at the undergraduate level are sculpture and possibly printmaking. Please note RISD Digital Media master program does not participate in Exchange and RISD master program Landscape Architecture may accept an Exchange student, but you would be required to submit a portfolio demonstrating a mastery in this field.

  11. Akhil says:

    I am a Furniture Design student at National Institute of Design, India. It is listed on the above list of exchange schools. I would like to know if I can apply for exchange program for Furniture courses? Also, when and how to apply for the same (what time are the exchange open, if there are any registration procedures). It would be great help.

    • risdoip says:

      Sorry for the late reply! You should contact the exchange program office at your home school and have all your arrangements made through them. The application deadlines are October 15 for the Spring semester and March 15 for the fall.

      Good luck!

  12. Rocio says:

    Hi, is there any school for exchange program for D+M students? thanks.

  13. Romy says:

    I am attending the American University of Beirut in Lebanon. I would like to know if there could be a possibility for me to apply for exchange during fall 2014 even if my university is not one of your exchange schools.

  14. Romy says:

    I am studying architecture in the American University of Beirut, and would like to know if it is possible for me to do an exchange semester in RISD even if my university is not in your list of partner institutions.
    Thank you

  15. Ami says:

    Hello I’m a sophomore student at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde ( ) taking up Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts, and I am very much interested in the exchange student program with RISD. I would just like to know if there is a possibility of having a formal linkage between DLS-CSB and RISD in the future?

  16. Mark Rohel says:

    I am in my second year at VŠUP, the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague, CZ. I would like to do an exchange with your institution for the Fall 2014 semester. I am in touch with my international office, but I¨m curious if you could share any information of the RISD side of the exchange?

  17. Awuah-Djan Stephen says:

    I would like to ask if you have exchange programmes for Ghananain students who would like to come study abroad in your school?

  18. Dario says:

    when the names of the accepted incoming students for 2013/24 spring semester will be available?
    I did a request from Italy, how and when I’ll know the result?
    thank you very much! 🙂


  19. Emily says:

    I was wondering if students are expected to pay for the traveling fees? And also do the room + board fee, and meal plan fee go to RISD and somehow apply to the exchanged school?


    • risdoip says:

      Hi Emily,

      Students do pay the costs of travel. Students on exchange do not pay the cost of RISD on-campus housing or a meal plan since they are not on campus. They are expected to pay the costs of their room & board while abroad.

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