RISD in Rome

RISD in Rome: European Honors Program & Summer Courses

RISD is the first Art & Design School in the United States to have launched a site, and program, in Rome. In 1960, RISD opened the innovative European Honors Program (EHP), which is a semester-long program that is centered on independent studio based practice and immersion in the city of Rome, and the broader European context.

Today, RISD in Rome remains home to the EHP program, and also serves as a dynamic base for such summer course offerings as: “Mapping Foundations: An Uncanny Exploration of Rome and Its Environs,” which RISD faculty member Nick De Pace will lead in July, 2014. The summer courses are open to current RISD students, alumni, and people interested in engaging with the School’s unique approach to art, architecture, and urban design and planning in Italy.

For more details on RISD in Rome’s European Honors Program, please visit us here. And, for more information on the 2014 Summer Course “Mapping Foundations,” please visit the course listing here.


2 Responses to RISD in Rome

  1. Jeanne Scripps says:

    Are there any other summer travel programs for sophomores?

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